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Morten Schelde belongs to the generation of Danish artists that have contributed to the renaissance of drawing as an artistic media in Danish contemporary art.

Alongside some of the most celebrated Danish artists, Morten Schelde participated in 2010 in the decoration of the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s private residence – Frederik VIII’s Palace, known also as the Brockdorff’s Palace. Morten Schelde’s contribution to the interior decoration of the palace was a mural in one of the reception chambers. A dreamlike image of the engine room of the offshore patrol frigate HDMS Vædderen was chosen as a subject for the artist’s depiction. Along with the Crown Prince of Denmark, Morten Schelde took part in the third Galathea research expedition travelling as far as Greenland on board of this ship.

Artistic Cosmos

The departing point for Morten Schelde’s artistic universe is the world around him. Morten Schelde combines those impressions with some surreal and imaginary elements building this way his artistic cosmos on the tension between those different worlds. Morten Schelde’s monochrome palette is another characteristic trait that contributes to the sense of the surreal in the artist’s work.

Open Narrative

Just like in Morten Schelde’s drawings and paintings also in his graphic work, the departing point is the mix of the world he sees around him and fiction. Merged together, the two form scenes of understated drama where the narrative remains open to the interpretation of the viewer.

Morten Schelde, born 1972, Copenhagen, Denmark. Lives and works in Skagen, Denmark. He received an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (DK). Morten Schelde’s recent exhibitions include Ocean of Time, Faaborg Museum, Faaborg (DK), 27 Scenes, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus (DK), Meanwhile, in another place, Politikens Galleri, Copenhagen (DK). His work is included in the collections of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk (DK), SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen (DK), Museum der Bildenen Künste, Leipzig (DE).


Similarly to Morten Schelde also Anette Harboe Flensburg's departing point is the world around her and yet by focusing on reality's abstract qualities she succeeds to create a realm that is entirely her own.

Morten Schelde signing his etching and spit bite aquatint 'Ocean of Time'