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Ditte Ejlerskov works with a whole range of artistic media. However painting is more than often the starting point for her artistic practice. Mainstream culture and in particular the universe of American pop idols have over the years become an object of her special attention. Ditte Ejlerskov sees herself not only as a mainstream consumer, but also as a fan who follows and collects information about the life of her idols. Her source material can vary from YouTube to art history and to image material gathered from her own camera. Ditte Ejlerskov uses the traditional subjects of still life, landscape and portrait to explore the themes of feminism, race and gender.

My Bajan Letters

Even though Ditte Ejlerskov insists on painting as her primary artistic media her general approach to art is rather conceptual. The outcome of Ditte Ejlerskov’s artistic practice changes facets in accordance to her current interest. That explains the ease with which she shifts media. In Ditte Ejlerskov’s project My Bajan Letters the artist approaches Rihanna. The iconic popstar becomes both a subject of Ditte Ejlerskov’s depiction, but also an object of her investigation.

Ditte Ejlerskov is approached by an e-mail scammer, who is desperately trying to make her transfer money to him. Ditte Ejlerskov embraces the opportunity as a way to come closer to Rihanna through him and learn more about the upbringing of her idol. With the unsurprising dead end of the correspondence with the imposer, Ditte Ejlerskov decides to embark on a journeythat will bring her to Rihana’s hometown. Along the way, Ditte Ejlerskov decides to make a movie that will document her trip to Barbados.


The still image from the film I Splurge Myself made by Ditte Ejlerskov became the source material for the artist’s photogravure project Abbreviation. The work attempts to serve as a bridge between Ditte Ejlerskov’s real-life stay in Barbados and the dream-like experience of her journey. While investigating Rihanna’s early life on Barbados Ditte Ejlerskov is followed by a camera that documents no presence of the pop star. On the other hand, the camera is full with footage on Ditte Ejlerskov. This way she is allowing the spectator to have an intimate glance into her own life.

Ditte Ejlerskov, born 1982, Frederikshavn, Denmark. Lives and works in Skælskør, Denmark.

She received an MFA from Malmö Art Academy (SE). Ditte Ejlerskov’s recent exhibitions include Scene Located, Varberg Konsthal, Varberg (SE), The Cult of Oxytocin, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen (DK), The Inverted Pyramid, Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg (DK). Her work is included in the collections of Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj (DK), Malmö Konstmuseum (SE), MASP - Museu de Arte de São Paulo (BR) among others.


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Ditte Ejlerskov in the print studio at Printer's Proof