Apart from working on our own publications we engage in commission based projects for independent artists, galleries and publishers.

We base our charges on an hourly, daily or weekly rate depending on the client's requirements.

If you are interested in the work that we can do for you and would like some more information regarding our studio prices, then please contact us at

See some of our commission based projects below.

"Working with a talented Master Printer at Printer's Proof set you free to focus on the inner journey the artistic process is. Kell and Olga assist me in removing any technical obstacles or difficulties I encounter on that journey. I am so grateful that I found this place in Valby, Copenhagen. I never imagined that my printmaking journey would depart from a place so close to my home. To me, and my exploration of colour and artistic space, Valby has become what Houston, Texas is for actual space travelling."

Michael B. Chang